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Steam Glow was born out of a love and passion to provide the highest level of Vehicle Enhancement.

Steam Glow is constantly investing and improving the services provided by Steam Glow. We will ensure that every vehicle detailed exceeds the client’s expectations. Steam Glow Detail will take your vehicle one step closer to perfection, however once the detail is complete the service provided does not end there. We will offer as much support and advice as required to allow you to enjoy and maintain your vehicle correctly.


Conventional cleaning systems cannot produce the kind of cleaning results needed to keep your car exterior spotlessly clean. Exposure to extreme weather and road hazards like mud, dirt, salt, and sand can affect the car's exterior, making it look dull. Cleaning with a hose pipe with some detergent thrown in is not recommended, as scrubbing can cause scratches and harsh detergents may cause color discoloration Modern luxury and performance cars can cost as much as a small flat or house, yet lose their value quickly if unloved or uncared for. And even the cared-for cars can lose their value if treated incorrectly. Every time a car is washed with a bucket and sponge, there is a risk that microscopic grains of dirt are being rubbed into the gleaming paintwork, causing swirl marks.

Once your car is detailed with a wax finish, the protective coat will resists dirt and pollution far more effectively than normal, as your paintwork is smoother. You can feel it for yourself with the back of your hand (or use your finger tips through a thin plastic wrapper, like a sandwich bag, if you're feeling professional). So washing your car between wax application (between 6-12 months, depending on mileage and storage factors) takes less time, and the results are spectacular.

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